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"Nu9ve" (Nin9) - A Maternal Metamorphosis explores a rollercoaster of emotions, challenges, and transformations, physical and emotional, of motherhood in 9 captivating experimental 9 minutes short films.

"Nu9ve" (Nin9) is an experimental drama series that reveals nine distinct narratives, each offering a unique window into the lives of different women and mothers from different backgrounds. Each episode weaves a compelling tapestry of emotions and transformations, providing profound insights into how the maternal journey has shaped these women's lives. Explore the nuances of their experiences as they navigate the twists between personal expectations and societal norms, unfolding the intricate layers of motherhood.


Directed and Written by Paula Vergara IMDb

Based in the Play "Pierna Arriva" by Camila Ariza

Produced by

Federico Pereanez IMDb

Paula Vergara IMDb

Camila Ariza

GoFundMe Campaign
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