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Freddy Almarza London Ontario
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Freddy Almarza is a Venezuelan singer-songwriter, performer and proponent of the urban trova genre.  

He began his musical studies at an early age, which later afforded him the opportunity to participate in several record productions in various groups as guitarist and bassist. 

His passion for words, rhyme and the world of writing, however, was born during his university years, when  he discovered the songs that filled the school, introducing him to the troubadour  culture.  Along with a few of his peers, Freddy tested their first compositions, creating the group Xtension.  For their first live gig, they played the Festival of New Bands in 1996, which earned them the top spot at the competition. Their songs went on to be awarded in several university and cultural festivals, being performed by various singers.
With the help of Xtension and its Manager, Freddy achieved many successes and has had a long history on stages inside and outside of his country, thus becoming a benchmark within the trova genre, even being invited to share the stage with Pablo Milanes on his last visit to Venezuela.  He has also performed with local urban troubadours like Yordano Di Marzo and Frank Quintero among others.

Here in London, Ontario, Freddy has been invited to participate in various festivals and stages such as Centennial Hall, Victoria Park, Aeolian Hall, London Music Club, and Wolf Performance Hall …

  Among his record productions are
  Los Hermanos Folk Group CD
  CD Xtension Rock and Trova
  CD Xtension 34410
  CD Grupo Laud

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